Wood Sculptures

 by Brian Trudeau 

All the bogwood,(root-wood)driftwood and green wood sculptures  shown here
have been made by me and each one is quite unique.
I explain the process at the bottom of the page

Phantom of the Opera Wood Sculpture
This is I think, one of the most powerful pieces I`ve ever produced. Carved from a piece of Bogwood, there are clear faces at either end, or else the whole can be viewed as a mask.

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This is a dinosaur, most likely a Brontosaurus
Approx 46cm l x 12cmw  x 12cm h
This was originally about 70 cms long with seven branches. It had been badly smashed up on the rocks and the legs were in bits. I removed two, grafted a false one in elsewhere where it was needed, repaired and re-shaped it. It was finally mounted on another  piece of wood that I thought nicely complimented it.
including carriage within the UK




The Kracken
I felt this represented the Kraken, slowly
awakening, and unfurling it`s tentacle

£95.00 SOLD


 Full fathom five
This suggested `Full fathom five¬ to me from the Tempest. It`s a wreck that`s lain on the seabed for decades and has creatures living in and on it. It`s a strangely light piece of wood approx. 20" long
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This was shaped from tree root I`d dug up and treated.
After cutting and shaping, this form suggested itself.

£85.00 SOLD 


The Witches 
Sometimes a piece takes on a character all of it`s own. This was one such piece.This was the darkest, most menacing piece I ever produced.
I eventually converted it into as base for a standard lamp. Stunning

£350.00 SOLD



I think this is one of the finest bogwood sculptures I`ve produced, and is not currently available for sale.
This was shaped and treated in the same way I describe elsewhere, and took days and days
I think the name is self explanatory! :).




Tree Spirit
Tio me, this represent s the Tree Spirit,
hidden, concealed in the branches,
watching over us. A benevolent entity.



This picture doesn`t do it justice. This was a large piece about 40" high and quite imposing.I shaped and carved it to suggest a citadel of the future rising high into the sky.

£125.00 SOLD



  People sometimes ask why I include so many pictures of driftwood & bogwood items that have already been sold, or are not for sale; the answer is I get so many requests to see
any other items I`ve also made!


Mother & Child
This is self-evidently a mother holding her child on her hip. Both pieces were found during beach combing, and after, treating, cleaning carving and glueing formed this beautiful piece I wish I`d never sold.


Ballet Dancer




Heron Dance
This is much like Ballet Dancer, about the same size, and likewise, I could have sold it many, many times. I can`t remember where I found the wood, but it instantly suggested a couple dancing; but a couple what? I shped it and left the pronouced `beaks` so it became Heron Dance`


Oberons Harp
This suggested Oberons Harp to me,
from a Midsummernights dream



The Dancers

To me, this is a couple locked in an eternal embrace as they dance
£85.00 SOLD


The Eaglea

This was an intriguing piece. Found by the shore, when the dead wood was cut away, suggested to me a bird of prey, and unusually, I coloured it to accentuate that.
.£68.00 SOLD




The Meerkats
Approx 40cm h x 12cm w x 8cm d

To me this suggested a family of meerkats, all
staring in the same direction in their comica
way, so that is what I sought to emphasise...
The finished piece was then mounted on a solid mahogany base to finish it off..

including carriage within the UK


Bird of passage 
As the name implies, this suggested a bird
of passage to me. Any extraneous timber was
removed, a beak formed and a base created that I
felt harmonised with it.
including carriage within the UK






Reclining Reptile 

 £105.00 SOLD



The wood sculptures are made from a variety of woods. In some cases, several pieces are
`shaped` to suggest forms, then grafted together to form one main piece.
 I deliberately try to `suggest` forms rather than  carving them  exactly in the conventional way, as over time, I`ve learned my customers prefer being able to interpret the piece themselves. This may sound strange, but a piece thats been carved exactly,  is instantly recognisable, can only ever be that. I usually intentionally leave my pieces ambiguous, so people can see in them whatever they wish. The simplest way to explain this is if you look at the `critters` on the sides of my Tree of Life Lamps.  Ask a friend or child  to view them with you, and I bet you`ll end up seeing different animals! Both the lamps and the wood sculptures are usually mounted on either another
piece of `found` wood, or a mahogany base.

Driftwood:- I spend hours and drive countless miles scouring beaches and rivers for suitable pieces of driftwood that I feel have potential. These are first soaked to remove any marine organisms etc, though the salt water usually kills most things ard hardens the wood nicely. It`s then dried, and any necessary debarking is carried out. By now the form should suggest itself, and the carving and shaping is carried out. 

Green wood:- This is probably the hardest means by which to find wood. It involves being able to visualise what a piece might look like without it`s bark or branches, moss etc. Green wood has to be carefully dried over time to prevent splitting, and it`s debarked to reveal it`s true form. The finished pieces are usually varnished, but beeswax is also used on occasions. I also produce the hand made paper shades, but these are not currently available.

Bogwood:- (I sometimes wonder if this qualifies as `bogwood` as I`ve no idea of it`s age, and only some of it is found on the moors)but this seems to be the generic term mosr people use, so I will. This is the most time consuming of all. Bog-wood, (rrot-wood) is wood from trees that have been buried and preserved from decay by the acidic and anaerobic  conditions, sometimes for hundreds or (in the case of true bogwood) even thousands of years.The bogwood has firstly been dug up, all the rotten wood, vegetable matter and dirt and debris cut away, then soaked and treated before the carving, sanding  and shaping begins. I often use it for the bases for my lamps too.

I hope to add some `Before and after` pictures here soon..

Custom orders can be undertaken



 Something about the shape, the form,
suggested the name, and I painted it a
matt black to accentuate it.

 £125.00 SOLD


Earth Mother 
A very powerful piece which looks great from any angle.  Ironically, this photo doesnt show the `pregnant belly`that suggested the title.
All the rotten timber running through it had to be painstakingly cut out, before soft sections were treated to retain them and plastic wood used to help form necessary pieces. Finally, it was mounted on a a solid mahogany base
Not for sale



Black Adder 

The shape,  suggested the creature,
the colour the name, 
This is a rough textured piece, which I`ve not sought
to try and smooth out too much. I`ve just retained
what for me emphasised the shape and then mounted it.






This took hours and hours of debarking,
but  the shape,  suggested it was worth it.
It was mounted on a solid mahogany bass.


Mother & child

I wish I`d never sold this, and this is the only picture I have of it. Strange the attachment you form to some pieces.

£95.00 SOLD




This is bogwood or rootwood and takes ages and ages prepare, cutting away all the dead wood and rotten stuff till you`re down to the heart-wood and then following your instincts in shaping it.,


The Cormorant

This was a lovely piece, It had a great basic shape that shouted `seabird` to me. I then `formed` the bits it was missing, then mounted it on another piece of driftwood to
complete it.

£115.00 SOLD







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